RIM says 650,000 Android devices are purchased every day

Today RIM says smartphones using the Android operating system increased their leadership over BlackBerry mobile devices.

Every day more than 650,000 devices are activated with Google’s Android software, said a senior Google executive on Tuesday

Andy Rubin, creator of the Android operating system and Google vice president for engineering, gave the announcement in a message on his Twitter account @Arubin.

About RIM says 650,000 Android devices activated daily

“Currently there are more than 650,000 Android devices being activated every day,” he wrote, adding that this figure is growing at a rate of 4.4% per week says RIM.

Google announced during a developer conference in May that 400,000 Android devices were activated every day, compared to 300,000 in December.

A number of mobile device manufacturers use Google’s free software on their devices, andThe Mountain View, California company also provides a version of the operating system for tablet computers with touch screens.

The firm ComScore, which analyzes the market, said last month that smartphones using the Android operating system increased its lead over BlackBerry mobile devices in the US market during the first three months of the year .

Android smartphones dethroned BlackBerry in January to capture 31.2% of the US market, a share that grew to 34.7% at the end of March, according to RIM.

mobile devices, made by Canada’s Research In Motion (RIM), ended March with 27.1% of the US market, and Apple’s iPhones ranked third with 25.5% of the market, ComScore said.

Apple does not provide daily activation figures for its devices, but the Cupertino, California, firm sold 18.65 million iPhones in the last quarter and 4.69 million iPads.

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