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Bigg Boss Season 3 Contestants List Telugu Announced




Bigg Boss Season 3 begins this month (Sunday) 21st. While the official announcement is yet to be made. The World Cup is already running out. The show is full of craze throughout the country and has a good following in the South. Season 3 has already started in Tamil .. Nagarjuna is hosting in Telugu and there are huge expectations on Bigg Boss 3

That being at the top in terms of ratings and ratings. But does this Big Boss show have any use for the masses? If the audience is entertaining. Putting aside what use to the audience. Does the show have anything to do with the contestants participating in the Biggest Reality Show?

Bigg Boss Season 3 Contestants List Telugu

  1. Singer Hemachandra
  2. Viva Harsha
  3. KA Paul
  4. Mahatalli fame Jahnavi
  5. Teenmaar Savitri
  6. Anchor Lasya
  7. Tarun
  8. Singer Rahul
  9. Anchor Srimukhi
  10. Udaya Bhanu
  11. Varun Sandesh
  12. Sri Reddy
  13. Common Man
  14. Raghu Master

That Chance Comes To The Celebrity. In the movies, the offers themselves are flooding and we are at the door. This was the idea of ​​mediocreists before participating in the Bigg Boss season. True, not one day, not two days, but 100 days every day, every day for more than 4 hours (including recorded) in the TV, it makes sense to be in the hearts of the audience.

But let’s put aside the question of what the Bigg Boss show is for the audience at least. Will they be a big boss help to image? Or is it completely damaging? With all that said, Big Boss Season 3 seems to be causing a shortage of contenders.

Big Boss became a sensational hit on the big screen on July 16, 2017, with NTR being the host. With a top rating, the TRP topped the rating. For 16 days, the television show with 16 contenders provided a complete spectacle.

First Big Boss Season Contestants

Archana, Sameer, Mumaith Khan, Prince, Singer Madhupriya, Burning Star Sampurnesh Babu, Jyoti, Singer Kalpana, Mahesh Sword, Sword Karthaka, Shiva Balaji, Adarsh, Hari Teja, Dhanraj, Deeksha (Wild Card), Navdeep (Wild Card). These 16 contenders participated in Big Boss Season 1. Adarsh, Shivabalaji, Hariteja, Navdeep and Archana competed as finalists. Shivabalaji was the Bigg Boss Season 1 Winner. 50 lakhs of Frieze Money won.

Shiv Balaji, the final winner of the film, is also a long time to appear in films. Shiva Balaji has also lost his own money. Anyone who has benefited from this show with Kos Koos is Haritja. Haritheja often performs in films as compared to other contenders. Supports anchoring in various cinema functions. But unless she’s going to have these opportunities because she’s multitalented .. Big Boss Comes Analem. This is the case with the anchor Shyamala. Those who anchor her before going to the Bigg Boss show are doing the same thing now.

Pawan has become more popular than the Bigg Boss show. Adarsh ​​has not even played a major role till the final. He appeared in the recent ‘Wife of Ram’. Archana no longer addresses though. Just recently appeared in the movie ‘Jesse’. Now Navdeep, Sameer, Kathu Karthika, Dhanraj and Deeksha situation are the same.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu Contestants List

Tanish, Babu Gogineni, Bhanu Shree, Roll Raida, Yakar Shyamala, Kiriti, Deepti Sunaina, Kaushal, Tejasvi, Ganesh, Sanjana Anne, Nutan Naidu and Nandini are the contenders. Tejaswi is the front row of any of these contenders, who is more of a damsel who is more than an image of a Big Boss. Until then, Tejaswicki’s fans have been very good at acting in Chinna Chitaka films. The spectators who love the iconic Bhama with its beauty and impressive looks are very popular. However, after the Big Boss entry, the sales image was reversed. Became irreparable damages.

The controversy with Kaushal, one of the strongest contenders in Bigg Boss, Love Affair in Samrat, and her backstory caused her to drop out of the Bigg Boss house. Bhanu Sri The same is the case. Model Sanjana Anne, who is expected to be the heroine of the show, is the first face of the house from Bigg Boss House, and she has been declared un-fit. This is to say that her heroine has lost hope.

Before the arrival of Deepthi Sunaina Bigg Boss House in the house, she was well-known in the audience as a YouTube sensation. But after coming to the house, she has been trending on social media due to her love affair with Tanesh and romance with him. This has caused her image to become too much.

Another contender is Babu Gogineni but netizens are playing football on social media. Prior to coming to the House, he was a celebrity rationalist and was promoted on TV shows as Bigg Boss House Damaging House. All I know is the tendency is to annoy the audience. The controversy with Kaushal and Geeta Madhuri also damages his image. The negative troll is also running on Tanesh, Samrat and Nandini. The big entry into the Bigg Boss house is that of the people like Nutan Naidu and Ganesh who have managed to identify themselves after Bigg Boss. Shivabalaji and Kaushal are still trying to get a better career as the Bigg Boss 1 and 2 winners.

The Big Boss Season 3 Contestants’ choice star Ma is a sword on them. Celebrities are not keen on the show for 100 days. Top celebrities and anchors like Suma, Udayabhanu, Rashmi, Tornado Sudhir, Lasia have already said that Big Boss is not ours. This is largely due to the lack of popularity of the lower class celebrities. In fact, season 2 has a lot of unpopularity compared to Bigg Boss Season 1. That impact on ratings. So now Nagarjuna is hosting Season 3 which should be a big challenge for him and his management

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Mumbai Building Collapse in Dongri 12 Dead




A four-story residential building collapsed on Tuesday in the Dongari area of ​​south Mumbai, so far 12 people were killed and five were injured. Many people are feared trapped in the debris. Five people, including an innocent, have been safely evacuated from among the people buried in the rubble. Housing Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil has said that 12 people have died in this accident so far. A lot of local people are engaged in the rescue.

An official of the disaster management cell of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that according to the preliminary information, a large part of this four-storeyed ‘Kesharbai Building’, in addition to the ground floor situated on the road in Ghori, fell down at around 11.45 am in the morning.

Police said that 12 people have died and five others have been injured in the accident. A lot of people were living in this building located in a very densely populated and narrow streets area. Many people are feared trapped in its debris.

Fire brigade department, Mumbai police and body officials have reached the spot but due to narrow roads, there are problems in relief and rescue operations. A large number of local people are also engaged in rescue work and are helping to remove debris.

Ambulance is not able to reach the spot, it has to stand 50 meters away. This building is owned by the Maharashtra Housing and Development Authority. Officials of the organization have reached the spot. National Disaster Response Force teams have also reached the spot to help in rescue work.

According to a media report, BMC has declared 499 buildings in Mumbai unsafe. During the monsoon, there are 500 such buildings which are threatening. Many people living in these buildings who are headache for BMC do not want to vacate them.

In this case Mumbai’s Andheri-Jogeshwari (West) is at the forefront. Where 51 buildings are unsafe. After this, Viru Parel is in second place with 38 buildings, which were kept in the C1 category this year. Last year, BMC had described 619 buildings as dangerous. Although this number has decreased by 19 percent this year.

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Floods in Bihar, Nepal and Assam Leads to 43 Deaths




In most parts of the country heavy rains have made the situation uncontrollable. Many states have come under the grip of floods. Due to rising water levels of rivers, many areas of Amas and Bihar have become submerged. At least 43 people, including 18 women, were killed in floods and landslides due to torrential rains in Nepal.

Heavy rainfall of monsoon has flooded the Northeast state of Assam. Due to which nearly 10 lakh people have been displaced from their homes and at least ten people have died in the last 72 hours. The information was given by officials on Saturday. Officials say the situation may worsen in the days to come.

Flood situation has remained critical in 33 districts of Assam state which is battling water from Brahmaputra and its tributaries. As many as 1800 villages of the state are affected. In the bulletin of the state government floods, it has been said that these ten people have died in different drowning incidents.

It is believed that due to rain, the water level of the Brahmputra can increase further. The Minister of Water Resources of Assam says that the situation of the flood is still very serious. Assam tea is known for the gardens.

These states have been experiencing floods and heavy rains for years. Due to which dozens of people are killed and thousands of people have to be displaced from their homes.

The figure of people who died in floods in Bihar has reached 13. Heavy rains alert has been issued in the next 24 hours. Due to floods, public life has become totally disrupted.

Home Minister Amit Shah also held a high-level meeting with officials on Saturday on the condition of floods after rain in many states of the country. In this meeting, the situation of floods and preparations for the state and central ministries and agencies have been reviewed to deal with it.

National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) have been deployed for relief and rescue work.
Floods in Nepal kill 43 people

At least 43 people, including 18 women, were killed and 20 others injured in floods and landslides due to torrential rains in various parts of Nepal. police gave this information. According to the Himalayan Times news on Sunday, 24 people have been missing in the rain-related incidents.

Due to the rain people got displaced and the traffic was also interrupted. More than 25 districts of the mountainous regions along the southern plains across the country are experiencing heavy rains since Thursday, affecting 10,385 families.

Police saved 1,104 people from many places across the country. 185 people were rescued alone from Kathmandu. According to the Nepal Police, a total of 27,380 policemen have been deployed across the country for search and rescue operations.

According to the report, Flood Forecasting Section (FFS) said that monsoon is active and the rain will continue for two to three days in most places across the country. Due to torrential rains the rivers are on the boom.

First total projection weight was 3250 kg, now it will be 3850 kilograms vehicle’s orbiter weighs 2379 kg, the lander will have 1471 kilograms and the rover will have 27 kilograms Chandrayaan-2 has a total of 14 payloads.

There are 13 Indians, 8 orbits, 3 landers and 2 rover. Lander also has a payload NASA. Indian Space Research Organization ISRO has prepared ‘A Band Radar Ultimeter of Payload’ critical for second moon mission Chandrayaan-2.

This pay-load will take place in Chandrayaan-2 lander. The integration of this payload will be done in the lander and after that the testing procedures will start. KA Band radar ultimeter and HDA processor is a major payload of Chandrayaan-2 lander, which has been developed by Ahmedabad’s space application from a completely indigenous technology.

Chandrayaan-2 Lander has been named ‘Vikram’ after ISRO’s founder Vikram Sarabhai.

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Bharat To Be The Fourth Country To Reach The Moon




Starting with Thumba, India’s space journey has now gone a long way, and we are counting in the top countries of the world.On October 22, 2008, Bharat successfully launched Chandrayaan-1 under the first moon mission. Ten years ago the first moon mission has been completed on October 22, 2018.

The international competition in the space sector will be switched on Monday, when Bharat will launch its low-cost mission and become the fourth country in the world, which has launched a search on the moon.

Only 50 days before the 50th anniversary of a human being to reach the moon, Chandrayaan 2 will fly from an island adjacent to Andhra Pradesh after preparations made up to the entire decade. This mission will also show how much space science has passed since Neil Armstrong has taken an important step towards human civilization through the Apollo 11 mission.

Bharat has spent Rs 960 crores in preparing ‘Chandrayaan 2’ for a trip of 3,84,400 kms (2,40,000 miles), and it flies from Satish Dhawan Space Center on Monday to the Moon’s South Pole on 6 or 7 Will land on September. Knowing the mysteries of the Moon, the only natural satellite in the Earth, has helped not only India but also the knowledge of the scientists of the world has expanded.

It is notable that in just eight months of launch Chandrayaan-1 had achieved all the goals and objectives of the mission. Even today, the study of data collected by this mission is being done by the scientists of the world.

Through this mission, Bharat credibility has increased in the world and the morale of the scientists too. The result of this is that the Indian Space Research Organization (IIS) has completed its preparations for the launch of ISRO Chandrayaan-2.

During the mission, study the elements present in the surface of the Moon to find out what its rock and clay are made of. Study of the structure of trenches and peaks present there. Study of the density of the Moon’s surface and the change in it.

The thermal properties near the poles, the study of the amount of electrons in the moon’s ionosphere. Watering on the surface of the Moon, finding 3D marks of the moon surface, besides finding the marks of hydroxyl.

The US has spent 25 billion US dollars on its 15 Apollo missions, which are about $ 100 billion in today’s values. Among these missions are six missions, through which Neil Armstrong and other astronauts have landed on the Moon.

China has spent US $ 8.4 billion on its Chengyang 4 ship to be sent to the Moon. Apart from these, spending more than $ 20 billion in terms of today’s values ​​on the Moon-related campaigns run in the 1960s and 1970s.

Since the success of ISRO had been preparing for his own challenging space mission Chandrayaan-2. Under Chandrayaan-II, ISRO is sending orbiter, rover and lunar landers for the first time in the moon. This campaign will also encourage new experiments with the use and testing of new technologies.

After 40 days of launch, it will land on the moon. Under this mission, ISRO will first try to bring its vehicle to the south pole of the Moon. Earlier Chandrayaan was to be sent to space this year, but due to some changes in its design it is delayed.

There has been an increase of about 600 kilograms in the new design. Actually, during the experiments, it was discovered that the satellite will start moving when the part of the moon descends on the moon. For this, the need to improve the design and increase the weight felt.

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