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Bigg Boss 3 Telugu contestant Ali Reza shown a warm gesture during a task and Winning Hearts

Rakesh Sharma



The reality shows on the Television are quite loved by the audience and when it comes to Bigg Boss show the number of people who are crazy about it can’t be counted on fingers. As the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is being aired on the television. The contestants Siva Jyothi and Ali Reza steal the show with their performance.

Ali Reza Accepted his Mistake

In one of the task of the show named Power Game, the contestant who first gets the diamond placed in the garden will get the command of the house. Well, during the task, Siva Jyothi slipped in the final moment and Ali Reza grabbed the diamond. Later on, Ali Reza didn’t accepted it as Siva got hurt as she fall down during the task.

On this, Siva Jyothi asked the Ali to accept his win and she confidently accepted her lost.  As a part of the task, Ali Reza asked the female housemates to dress like men and vice versa, but Tamanna made provocative comments on Ali’s character and refused to take part in the task. But showing his sportsmanship, Ali ignored Tamanna throughout the game and focused on the task.

The great gesture by the contestant Ali Reza won the hearts of the audiences. Apart, from all this contestant Varun Sandesh had completed his jail punishment and also became the first captain of the house in Bigg Boss season 3. Baba Bhaskar called for peace in the house with a heartwarming message. The upcoming episode of the show is going to be the emotional one as housemate in the Bigg Boss are going to share the painful moments from their life.

Bigg Boss is said to be the most popular show of the Television industry. When the show airs, the TRP rate of the shows often remains high.

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