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Mahesh Vitta is playing tricks to grab the attention: Big Boss Telugu season 3

Rakesh Sharma



Bigg Boss Telugu three is grabbing the headlines, we all know the obvious reasons. The controversial reality show has the house full of contestants’ drama. The audiences remain pasted to their televisions.

Mahesh Vitta who is still intact in the house and contesting hard for the big goal; is facing backlash from show buffs. Some of the audiences have slammed him bluntly on social media. A number of the show’s followers claim that Mahesh Vitta is using cheap tricks to win the hearts of audiences. The most recent news going on social media is that whether or not Mahesh Vitta is aiming to use the tricks to gain sympathy and to further convert them to fan followings.

Mahesh Vitta Praising Baba Bhaskar

In one of the scenes on Instagram, he is lavishly praising his co-contestant Baba Bhaskar. Here Mahesh Vitta could be seen stating that he had assumed to himself that it might be enough to ascertain him when coming back to the show. He further added that his situation in the house these days is like that of his 10 years ago. He ascertained that he had never seen anyone like Baba, who didn’t have even a pinch of negativity in him.

Mahesh Replaced Kaushal in BB 3

That video going viral set tongues wagging on social media. Some of the other people are commenting that Mahesh Vitta is attempting to use the sympathy issue like Kaushal Mandato to grab the attention of audiences. Well, it’s not that easy to get the attention of this season audiences as they’re the best judges of the controversial Reality show. They support contestants immensely who play the game truthful and well. Lately, Mahesh Vitta’s name got into the list of this week’s elimination. We have to see what happens and who gets eliminated from the show.

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