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Episode 15th Highlights: Jaffar is out of the Bigg Boss House Telugu Season 3

Rakesh Sharma



The episode 15 of the popular Reality show started with Nagarjuna Akkineni wishing all the housemates a very Happy friendship day. The environment of the Bigg Boss Telugu house was quite relaxed.

Earlier in the previous episode, Nagarjuna had shown everyone the clippings of their previous day activities of the day.  All of them were found discussing the elimination, seemed the contestants were anxious about their stay in the house. Later, that day Naga discussed with them about their week’s activities. He complimented some of the inmates as well as criticized some of the others. In the end, he asked everyone to sort out their issues to maintain harmony in the house. The heartbeat started of the contestants in the previous episode when Nagarjuna declared that Punarnavi was safe.

iSmart Shankar Team in Sunday Episode

Now, it was time for speculations among Vithika Sheru, Varun Sandesh and Jaffar. In the 15th episode entered the iSmart Ram, Shankar, and Niddhi Agerwal in the Bigg Boss show for their promotion. They got a big chunk of the time in the house and entertained all the inmates. Ram, before leaving the house; disclosed that Varun Sandesh is safe. Now it was Nagarjuna’s turn. He announced that Vithika is safe whereas, Jaffar was the one to move out of the house. Before he moved out of the Bigg Boss Telugu show, Jaffar had his curiosity satisfied by asking some questions from the staying inmates. He also revealed that the teams have already been shaped within the house.

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