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Photographed With Octopus Women Lost Life




Photographing a woman from Washington, US, with an octopus on her face was too expensive. He did not expect that the photo contest for which he was doing the photoshoot would cause problems for him and he would have to go to the hospital with pain.

Jamie Biseglia, 45, reported that she was involved in a fishing derby near the Tacoma Nairos Bridge last Friday. An octopus was caught by some people there. Jamie asks him for the octopus, saying that she will make it for dinner.

Jamie asked him to take a photo of her with this octopus, which would allow her to participate in Derby’s photography contest. Jamie told that the octopus was quite soft, not looking at him that he could cause harm. In such a situation, he put the octopus on his face.

The woman reported that the octopus was playing as if on her face. Then suddenly he attacked the woman’s chin, during which some people were taking photos of her. Jamie told that when the octopus was biting on his face, it seemed as if some biting thing had been pierced. She was suffering from unbearable pain, bleeding from her face.

Despite this, Jamie did not go to the hospital for two days as he had to complete one derby fishing one after the other. However the next day after completing the second derby he felt that he should immediately go to the doctor.

The effect of the octopus attack was visible on his face, face and throat were swollen. There was a problem eating anything. He felt paralyzed in the left side of his face.

However, doctors have given him medicine, which has given him some relief. She has got a new learning from this incident, now she is telling people not to touch anything that you do not know about.

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