Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Wild Card Entry 2019 Ali Reza Or Re-Entry Of Tamanna Simhadri

Bigg Boss 3 Wild Card

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is running successfully and has reached its seventh week with 2nd wildcard entry of Shilpa Chakravarthy on September 2. With her entry, the entire atmosphere of the house has already changed now lets see who will come in Telugu BB3 Wild Card Entry. This season is a perfect combination of contestants, phenomenal hosting and lots of drama, romance, and of course controversies.

After Shilpa’s re-enter, the robbery task brought the row of controversies to another level. Moreover, the week saw the elimination of one of the most favorite contestants Ali Reza from the nominated contestants Rahul, Mahesh, Ravi and Sreemukhi. Agree Hema, Jaffar, Tamanna, Rohini and Ashu’s elimination, Ali’s eviction was shocking to his fans. However, polls already hinted the eviction of Ali.

Ali Reza Wild Card Entry in Bigg Boss 3

Model-actor has proved to be one of the strongest contestants of this season. Ali Reza has also set a unique record of not getting nominated for six consecutive weeks. However Vithika, Varun, Baba Bhaskar and Mahesh have nominated him for eviction for seventh week. Interestingly, the wild card entry Shilpa Chakravarthy also nominated Ali saying that he needs to face the nominations at least once in the season and it lead to his eviction.

His eviction from the house has taken the housemates and also his fans by surprise. After eviction, he revealed that he felt he could get evicted the moment he stood in the elimination race. He even mentioned that it has been a custom in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 that any contestant, who gets nominated for the first time, gets eliminated. โ€œSeeing them crying, I feel like a winner already. Iโ€™m the winner for half of the season. You decide the winner for the rest of the season,โ€ Ali said before bidding farewell to the housemates.

Reza’s fans on social media are protesting the actor’s elimination and demanding the makers to bring him back into the show as a wild card contestant. Hashtag #BringBackAli is also started trending on social media and demanding the modelโ€™s enter as wild card contestant.

Also, Ali while speaking to the host of the show said he will re-enter the house if given a chance. He was also showed Bigg Boss journey video which left him teary-eyed.

On getting fans’ immense support for his re-entry to the show, Ali is overwhelmed. Also, Ali has expressed his willingness to re-enter the show in the future. So, is it a hint towards Ali’s wild card entry in the show?

Bigg Boss 3 Re-Entryย Tamanna

Seeing the support Ali is getting, the chances of his return to the show are good but there is one more eliminated contestant running in the race to make the re-entry in the house. She is evicted contestant Tamanna Simhadri.

She was the first transgender to have participated in the show but she didnโ€™t get expected support from the audience and got evicted from the house. She also left the show after stating that she would never hesitate to re-enter the show if asked to.

So, both Ali Reza and Tamanna Simhadri had expressed their interest in re-entry to the show via Wild Card. Now it is to see that who will return in next wild card entry.

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