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lucifer season 5

During your weekends, you may be planning to go to a beach, while enjoying the white sand or going out with your other half that looks like Tom Ellis while eating on a candle light dinner. Or you may just be anticipating the weekends to do a marathon of the series you haven’t watch yet, streaming on Netflix, chilling on your comfortable sofa while eating your favorite pizza to release your stress— only for you to realize that your favorite Netflix series, “Lucifer” already ended its 4th Season months ago, is such heartbreak.

But heads up fellas, the hottest devil you’ve seen and love is back! ”Lucifer Season 5” is already confirmed and the cast and the tentative release date is already on the line. Here are the top 5 you must know for the upcoming Season.

1.When will be the release date  of “Lucifer” Season 5?

It was recently announced that Lucifer will be having its Season 5 upon releasing a poster of the series as well. The release date maybe or may not be on 2020 but stay put first for the exact day and month is haven’t been revealed yet.

2. Who are the casts we are expecting to see this 5th Season of Lucifer?

  • Tom Ellisas
  • Lauren German
  • Kevin Alejandro
  • DBWood
  • Lesley AnnBrandt
  • Scarlett Estevez
  • Rachael Harris
  • Aimee Garcia

Hence for the casts, we are expecting to see the original casts of the previous seasons, such as Lauren German as well as Kevin Alejandro. Smile more for DBWood side will also be present and also the gorgeous Lesley AnnBrandt, Scarlett Estevez and Rachael Harris plus Aimee Garcia and…that’s it.

Ooops..Well bet you will wonder where the center of the Series is. OFCOURSE! Lucifer will not be complete without the dashing and handsome appearance of Tom Ellisas the hot and dashing Lucifer, the devil!

3. How many episodes do we have to expect for Season 5 of Lucifer?

It is initially announced that the Netflix series will be having 10 episodes but Netflix @seewhatsnext on their twitter account revealed that we will be getting 16 episodes,may be less than the number of episodes we’ve got from Season 2 and 3 but at least,better than the Season4.

4. Will we getting Lucifer Season 6?

Season 5 may be coming but hold up—it may be good news you have been waiting for your lonely life and you may be jumping and screaming to your heart’s content but sadly, it will also be the last Season of the series as per confirmation of Modrovich on his twitter account, the screenwriter/showrunner of the series.

5. What should we expect for Lucifer’s Season 5?

It was revealed on September 6 and 7 respectively, that the shooting for the series Season 5 is up through Twitter account @seewhatsnext.

Though we can’t say what will happen exactly, expect some mindblowing events and plot twists from the series.

Fans were already anticipating whether what will happen to the King of the Hell, as well as how will the relationship of Tom Ellis and Lauren German will develop after revealing their feelings for each other though, Lucifer had to make a decision of going back to the Hell to prevent a massive destruction on Earth.

For those who still haven’t watch the series yet, dare yourself to watch it from the first season up to the latest season, and whatever religion you have, you may become a sinner by loving a devil. And for those fans, who are anticipating, start marking your calendars for “Lucifer Season 5” will be taking you to hell, again and again.

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