Banana Republic Credit Card – 5 Things You Must Know Before Using

Banana Republic Credit Card

Being confidently beautiful or handsome sometimes depends on how you dress up. Though, a lot of us were afraid of quality clothing due to it price. Don’t worry, the long running shop Banana Republic, a women and men apparel store, will give you quality items that you can show off to your friends and love ones, or you might also find your own style from this shop, without going completely cashless, a win-win situation by purchasing a single credit card.

Banana republic Credit Card

If there’s a question lingering on your mind right now, it is what this “card” thing is about. Well, for the record, a banana republic credit card is offered for those people who are a patron of the Clothing and Accessories shop. Basically, a lot of people including you might felt like dressing up or wearing branded clothes, though a lot of factors are holding you such as saving money. But this is not a problem anymore, for having this credit card will solve that problem.

Purchasing on any of the retailer shop will give tons of perks and rewards. If you can’t stop yourself from being a shopaholic, then having this is like HITTING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE!

Perks of owning a banana republic Credit Card

Having your own card may not make you rich, but as a person who do loves shopping and saving, this is a must have. It gives you a lot of perks and rewards such as:

  • Access to the exclusive offers of banana republic and its sister brand GAP and Old Navy.
  • When you purchase online, you will have a chance to avail a free shipping voucher, if
  • purchase amount reach $50.
  • Free Gifts on your Special Day!
  • For the new cardholders, a special 20% discount voucher will be given
  • For every Purchase, you will earn points that can be converted into dollars, where you can
  • use it to purchase an item with that given amount

Plus the good news, there is NO annual fee to pay for the credit card!

Where to Use the Banana Republic Credit Card

As stated, you can use your credit card for purchasing in its physical store or on its sister brands. Though there are two different cards; the in Store only credit card and (2) the VISA credit cards, where you can use it to purchase anywhere, as long as Visa is accepted,

Can I exchange my points to Banana Credit Card into Cash?

Unfortunately, the answer is a NO. The credit card points can be only redeem for store purchasing. Hence, you won’t earn any cash on your hands. But since you can avail a lot of perks, it is just like saving money. Furthermore, it does not hold balances, so it is not fit for managing finances.

How to have a Banana Republic Card

You can open a banana republic card through visiting their own website, You can make an inquiry for the step by step process through their customer service or dialing their landlines.

You don’t have to worry going broke for purchasing bunch of items to flaunt your own style. Live the life of saving while shopping!

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