RS 99 is Enough to Watch Exclusive Videos in Apple TV

Apple TV

US giant Apple (Apple) on Tuesday launched the iPhone 11 series iPhone 11 (iPhone 11), iPhone 11 Pro (iPhone 11 Pro) and iPhone Pro Max (iPhone Pro Max). Apart from this, the company has also introduced Apple TV + (Apple TV +) for customers. Let us tell you that Apple TV Plus is a video streaming service and it will be launched in more than 100 countries of the world from 1 November. Customers will be able to buy this service for just 99 rupees.

Apple will give free trial for the first 7 days to make TV Plus service accessible to people in the world, after which Rs 99 per month to continue the service Will have to be paid. Customers will be able to watch exclusive content through this Apple TV Plus. Family subscription will also be available in this subscription of Apple.

Apple has given the family feature in this service keeping in mind the family. Under this, Apple’s customers will be able to use this service along with 6 family members. At the same time, new video content and great TV series will be launched every week on this video streaming platform. Apart from this, more than 40 languages ​​will be supported on this platform. Apple has invested 43,040 crores for TV Plus. Apple TV may give a tough competition to Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Apple TV Plus requires customers to download the Apple TV app. Only then will Apple get access to this service. Customers can enjoy video streaming from iPhone to Apple Mac. If sources are to be believed, if any customer buys any of the products of Apple, then they will be given the service of Apple TV Plus for free for one year.

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