Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Elimination Leaked This Week Shilpa Or Mahesh ?

Last week Bigg Boss Telugu 3 witnessed second wildcard entry Shilpa Chakravarthy who entered the house on September 2nd and since her re-entry, there is already a frictional vibe started taking place among the women in the house. Hema, Jaffar, Tamannah, Rohini, Ashu and unexpectedly Ali Reza have eliminated from the show as of now. And this week, Shilpa Chakravarthy, Punarnavi Bhupalam, Mahesh Vitta, Himaja Reddy and Sreemukhi were nominated for elimination from the house of Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu 3 in the eighth week.

The BB3 contestants got nominated out of a nomination process which divided housemates into two groups. Sreemukhi, Himaja, Mahesh, Ravi, and Shiva Jyothi were divided into one group. While Varun, Vithika, Rahul, Punarnavi, and Shilpa were divided into another group. Photos of all the contestants were placed on a table and contestants of each group were asked to burn two photos of the contestants from opposite group.

Ravi chose photos of Shilpa and Rahul to burn. Punarnavi burnt photos of Mahesh and Sreemukhi, Varun burnt photos of Mahesh and Himaja. Shiva Jyothi burnt photos of Punarnavi and Shilpa. Shilpa burnt photos of Himaja and Shiva Jyothi. Sreemukhi burnt photos of Punarnavi and Shilpa. Vithika burnt photos of Ravi and Mahesh. Mahesh burnt photos of Varun and Punarnavi. Rahul burnt photos of Ravi and Sreemukhi.

Bigg Boss declared Ravi, Shilpa, Himaja, Punarnavi, Sreemukhi, and Mahesh as nominated contestants as their photos got burnt the most by the contestants. This is how contestants got nominated for eighth-week elimination. After shocking elimination of Ali Reza last week, it is interesting to see who will get evicted this week.

Bigg Boss 3 Elimination

Before the elimination, there is poll conducted to see who has the chances to receive least number of votes these weeks. And as per the poll result, Shilpa Chakravarthy, who recently made a wildcard entry will be eliminated from reality TV show this week. Host Nagarjuna will appear on Saturday and Sunday to show doors to one of these nominated contestants. It’s Been 90% Chance that Shilpa will be Eliminated.

BB3 Telugu Nominated contestants Sreemukhi, Punarnavi Bhupalam, Mahesh Vitta received 34.82, 28.59 and 20.29 percent of the total number of votes respectively. Least number of votes received by Himaja who has garnered 11.98 percent of votes and Shilpa Chakravarthy got only 4.31 percent of it. It shows that Shilpa will be evicted from the house this week. Her stay in the house for the second time was only for 12 days and she didn’t get enough time to prove her mettle.

Also, there is an aspect that in the last four weeks whoever was nominated for the first time was eliminated from the house surely. Hema, Tamanna Simhadri, Rohini, Ashu Reddy and Ali Reza were the first time nominated contestants and they walked out of the show.

Shilpa is also the first-timer to get nominated after her Entry via Wild Card, so her chances to leave the house is highest and poll also says the same.

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