Destiny 2 News: Shadowkeep Roadmap Reveals Dungeon Release

Destiny 2 Game Release

“Destiny” which became a popular video game during the year 2014, is now back as “Destiny 2”.After 5 years, the game continue to expand for the better.  A lot of people who had played the game during the era of its first release felt nostalgic reminiscing their past experience and memory of the role playing game. A lot of reviews we’re actually circulating online regarding the game expansion. Though for the beginners and  for those avid supporters of the game ,these reviews might be difficult to understand and might contain spoilers, so we have provided these guide that may be helpful for you as you dive into this addicting game.

 What is Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is an expansion of its predecessors, Destiny, which is a role playing video game from Bungie. Most of the time, you can enjoy it by yourself, for it is a single player game. Though, there’s an option where you can play with somebody else, there is no means of communication, unlike other rpg.

If you are into a science fiction-mythological kind of games, then you might enjoy this game. During the Destiny 2 release, it actually gained a lot of positive feedbacks despite criticism and is well accepted by the gamers due to its improvements if will base on its original version.

Where Can I Access Destiny 2?

This September is a shower of great updates for every gamer and of course, the avid fans of the game for this September, for you can now access Destiny 2 through your personal computers via Steam. And DON’T WORRY! You can transfer everything you have done on your account including the progress of your game, as well as their purchases—everything for FREE!

On the other hand, aside from pc, you can still access it using your Xbox and PlayStation. 

Is Destiny 2 Free to Play?

Another good news to every gamer out there! Destiny 2 will going to become free to access and play for all the users as per the upcoming mass update of the game this September 17. New Light, which is another expansion of the game announced by, will be released on October 1. Plus, take note, whole year content of the game will be release, too.

What’s the Difference Between “Destiny” and “Destiny 2”?

Upon the continuously expansion and updates from Destiny to Destiny 2, some features may be the same, but there are actually a lot of differences when you compare the original version and the current version. We have listed some of the improvements of Destiny 2 compare to Destiny:

  • Weapons are now classified into Kinetic, Energy, and Power Weapons.
  • This update guides the beginner or amateur gamers whether what could be the appropriate weapons that will suite their level.
  • Improved weapons and gears
  • Ways to explore other worlds
  • Additional access to your abilities in the game;

And many more. There are actually a lot of differences and improvements in Destiny 2 compared to the original. Though, it may be somewhat difficult for beginners, you may notice it a little by little as you progress through the game.

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