Protests in Pakistan


The atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan are not being named. On Tuesday, a medical student Namrata Chandani was killed. It is believed that this murder was done for forced conversion. People protested in the streets of Karachi to protest against this alleged murder of a Sindhi Hindu girl. The deceased’s name was Namrata Chandani. His body was found hanging from a rope in Larkana, Sindh province.

People staged a protest on the streets of Karachi against the alleged murder of a Sindhi Hindu girl, Namrita Chandani yesterday. Namrita was found with a rope tied to her neck in Larkana, Sindh.

Namrata was a resident of Mirpur Mathelo of Ghotki, Pakistan. Regarding the incident, the police say that it is difficult to say whether the student has committed suicide or has been killed. But Namrata’s brother Dr. Vishal Sundar has claimed that it is not suicide but he has been murdered. He said, ‘His sister also has marks on other parts of her body as if someone was holding her. We are a minority, please stand up for us. ‘

Namrata was a student of Bibi Asifa Dental College, Larkana. His body was found lying on the bed in the hostel room and there was a rope around his neck. In the morning Namrata’s friends first knocked on the door and then called her name but when they did not get any reply, they informed the police.

After this, the police reached the spot and took out Namrata’s body from the room. Police have sent the body for postmortem. The Larkana DIG has ordered an inquiry into the incident. At the same time, in this case, Vice-Chancellor of Dental College, Dr. Anila Ataur Rahman said that at first sight, this incident seems to be suicide. But only after the report of the police and the post mortem will be found the real cause of death.

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