Twitter Suspends the Accounts which are Spreading Fake News


Twitter is running a clean campaign on its application nowadays. After blocking numerous fake accounts of the Indian Army, Twitter started clamping down on accounts that spread fake news. Fake news is being debated worldwide and allegations are being made repeatedly that fake news is being promoted, especially through social media accounts.

On Friday, Twitter blocked thousands of accounts, vigorously spreading fake news and propaganda against governments in the United Arab Emirates, China, and Spain. There were also some accounts in the closed accounts that were being run from China and were being used to provoke the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

At the same time, there were some accounts that were sending messages from Egypt and UAE to the people of Qatar and Yemen in support of Saudi Arabia. These accounts have also been closed. In addition, several accounts that spread fake news in Spain and Ecuador have also been suspended.

Earlier, Twitter blocked accounts of Iranian government media organizations. Twitter has taken action against their oppression by targeting people associated with Bahá’í religion. The Bahá’í is a minority community that has long suffered repression in Iran.

Social networking site Twitter said on Friday that it has deleted thousands of accounts worldwide from its platform. These are the accounts that spread fake news or create propaganda in favor of the government. 

Chinese Twitter accounts that were provoking the agitators in Hong Kong have been closed. Twitter said that it has identified around 4302 accounts that were instigating the agitators in Hungkamag. In August, only 2 lakh Chinese accounts were caught which were inciting riots. 

Apart from this, the accounts delivering pro-Saudi messages from Egypt and UAE have also been closed. Such accounts in Spain have also been closed. Recently, Twitter took this step after news of such accounts being deleted by Facebook from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. 

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