Google Remembered Junko Tabei on her Birthday


Who was Junco Tabei? In whose memory Google made a doodle. Today Google has remembered Dunkel on the birthday of Junko Tabei. He continued his journey after conquering the summit of Mount Everest and made history by conquering the highest mountain peaks of more than 70 countries. On May 16, 1975, Junko Tabei, the world’s first woman to conquer Mount Everest, died of cancer at the age of 77. Read everything about them…

Key Information
Junko was born in Miharu, Fukushima.
He had seven sisters and brothers. She was number five.
He climbed near Mount Nasu for the first time at just 10 years old.
Her husband’s name was Masanobu Tabei.
Her husband was a mount climber.

She met Masanobu in 1965 at the time of mountaineering in Japan.
In 1991, after 16 years of conquering Everest, he said in an interview, ‘I want to conquer even more mountains. He did this courageous work while living in a country where women were considered at home instead. His philosophy was that one should live life to the fullest.

He founded a Ladies Climbing Club in 1969. The mother of two said in a 1991 interview, “Most Japanese men of my generation expect women to stay at home and clean the house.” She became the first woman in 1992 to conquer the peaks of the highest mountains of seven continents.

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