DRDO Successfully Tested BrahMos Missile


The Defense Development and Research Organization today successfully test-fired the ground version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile at Chandipur range in Odisha. It is a cruise missile that can be fired from land, water, and air. Its firepower is incredible.

Currently, China and Pakistan do not yet have a missile that can be fired from land, sea, and sky. Currently, India and Russia are working to increase the range of this missile and also to fly it at hypersonic speed.

In the coming days, India and Russia will work towards increasing the range of supersonic cruise missile BrahMos from 290 km to 600 km. With this, not only will entire Pakistan be in the grip of this missile, but any target will be destroyed by this missile in a moment.

BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile with short-range ramjet engine. It can be fired from a submarine, a ship of water, a fighter plane or from the ground. BrahMos missile can be fired day or night and in all weather. The firepower of this missile is incredible.

With the help of a ramjet engine, the missile’s capacity can be increased up to three times. If a missile has a range of 100 km, it can be carried up to 320 km with the help of a ramjet engine. It is jointly developed by Russia’s NPO Machinostroyenia and India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). It is based on the technology of Russia’s P-800 Onkis cruise missile.

The BrahMos missile is named after the Brahmaputra in India and the Muskwa River in Russia. The speed of this supersonic cruise missile is almost three times the speed of sound. The BrahMos cruise missile hits the target at 2.8 Mach speed approximately three times the speed of sound. After its firing, the enemy does not even get a chance to recover.

A 2.5-tonne BrahMos missile capable of hitting the surface with air has a range of 300 km. The trial of its air launch version is going on continuously. Many successful fire trials have been conducted from Sukhoi fighter aircraft of the Air Force.

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