Playstation Released its Online Store


Sony entered the online trade of selling its PlayStation equipment, beyond video games for its consoles. In the new online store, you will be able to buy from headphones, controls, virtual reality accessories and pay for the PSN Plus subscription.

Sony already had the PlayStation Store where it sold video games. But it decided to follow the path taken by its competitors Microsoft and Apple, who sell their own products in an online store. In its new sales platform, players will find all the necessary add-ons to enjoy hours of fun.

They will have for sale headphones with surround sound, DualShock 4 controllers (which works wirelessly), PS VR accessories (PlayStation’s virtual reality range), prepaid cards to be used in games or passes. The PSN Plus subscription is Sony’s paid service to access certain features of free video games.

Eighteen titles are also available, including the latest game “Spider-Man”, “Uncharted 4”, “Minecraft PS4” or “Good of War 3 Remastered”. Little by little more could be added. Other products in the shop come in packages, for example, the virtual reality package for the game “Firewall Zero Hour”.

At the moment, the Japanese company only has service to the United States. Although Sony has not said anything about extending its operations to other countries, the possibility of expanding its market is not ruled out by the ease of having everything mounted on a platform.

With this new store, Sony will also compete with Amazon, as it will have a physical product delivery service. Previously, Jeff Bezos’ company sold PlayStation merchandise and took it home. For now, it could remain in its catalog until the Japanese company globalizes its online shop.

Those who pay for the PSN Plus card will be able to choose express delivery, that is, it takes up to 24 hours to arrive. For U.S. residents there are already two launch promotions. The first is a PlayStation 4 that comes with a one-year subscription to PS Plus for USD 339.9. The second is a PS4 Pro plus the same PS Plus subscription for USD 429.99.

PlayStation 5

Sony is in the development stage of what will be its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. Despite the few details so far revealed, followers of the brand have high expectations.

One of the latest data revealed by the Japanese company was that the console will not spend as much power in sleep mode, but will not be a default option, rather it will be necessary to activate the option in the configuration of the device.

The data was revealed in a Sony communiqué published as PlayStation Joins Forces with the United Nations to Combat Climate Change.

The revelation of the new console feature was summed up in a few lines. “The next-generation PlayStation console will include the ability to suspend the game with a much lower power consumption than PS4 (which we estimate can be achieved over 0.5 W).

This new feature, according to Sony, will save the equivalent of the average use of 1,000 homes in the United States with just 1 million users activating energy reduction.

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