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“I want, command and it is my will, that if the said Diego de Sosa, my brother, or the said Isabel de Magallanes, my sister, would have said my mayorazgo that they give in each year to the said doña Beatriz Barbosa, my wife, are obliged to give every year to the said commander Diego Barbosa, during the days of his life, two hundred gold ducats, of which the mayorazgo will rent, ” Magalhães signedin Seville on August 24, 1519.

The explorer always used his surname in Portuguese a day before leaving by land for Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) where the 239 men who on September 20 set sail for the islands were waiting for him Malucas aboard five ships. But the navigator, appointed captain general by Carlos I, never returned. He died on April 27, 1521, in the Philippines, at the battle of Mactan. The first circumnavigation of the land, of which the V Centenary is celebrated now , was completed by Juan Sebastián Elcano on September 6, 1522.

From the testament of Magellan, signed in the Royal Alcázares before the notary public Bernal González de Vallecillo, there is only one handwritten bifolio on both sides of 21 by 18 centimeters in which, among others, the quoted paragraph can be read.

The fragment presents “a bad state of conservation,” said Monica Santos, restorer of graphic documents of the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage (IAPH) on Friday after receiving the document, which is preserved in the Provincial Historical Archive of Seville.

A multidisciplinary team will analyze that piece of torn and crumpled paper written 500 years ago that the researcher and member of the Royal Spanish Academy Juan Gil Fernández located in 2009 in the Sevillian archive and published in the bookThe Portuguese exile in Seville, from the Braganza to Magellan .

“The fragment was overlapped in the protocol that the notary public, that is, the notary, González de Vallecillo, had deposited in the Provincial Archive, as was his obligation. The folder, which was broken, was undone and the documents are gone losing, but we know the content of the entire testament thanks to the lawsuit that his political family.

Specifically his brother-in-law Jaime Barbosa, presented in 1540 before the Royal Council of Castile claiming for him and his sisters, after the death of the wife, the son and the father-in-law of Magellan, the inheritance of the property of the captain general of the Navy, as stated in the capitulations signed by Carlos I, “said María Campoy, historian of the IAPH documentary and bibliographic heritage workshop.

“The bifolio is written with a chained procedural letter and although the scribe did not lift the pen from the paper it is easy to read. It is a mythical document, because it is signed the day before his departure and is a reflection of his personality both in the field private as well as socially and religiously.

He remembers both his Spanish family, his wife, his son and those who are about to be born; but also of the Portuguese, his brothers, whom he names heirs in case his direct family die, but asks them to cast their last name Castilian, adopt their coat of arms and reside in Castile, “said Campoy.

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