Uribe in Ridicule of Diego Cadena Novel

With regard to the investigation that Uribe rendered before the Supreme Court for the crimes of bribery and procedural fraud, the last few weeks have been quite cartoonish.

In this story, Uribe has a leading role on his shoulders, but cast actors did not stop appearing to contribute to this high-level comedy, which leaves Uribe and the entourage of energum with us What does politics do.

This episode shows Uribe not as the important politician who for some day was, but as a being of inferior conditions, poor in argumentation, mean with institutionality and poorly surrounded, what has been his Achilles heel throughout his life .

Diego Cadena, inspired by the novel El aboganster, by Eugenio Aguirre, calls himself thus to refer to his sinister exercise of the profession. Who thus acts is nothing more than a rodent disguised as a lawyer (“abohámster”) who, in this case, and under the authorization of his client, has been offered legal procedures to convicted people, who have decided to call subsidies instead of bribes , in exchange for testifying in favor of the former president.

Uribe’s arrival at the Palace of Justice was a show to be untouchable. It was no less spectacular his nighttime arrival at the CD headquarters where he was expected, in addition to his followers, that group of congressmen for whom Uribe is not his boss but everything in his life: Paloma, Mejía, Macías, la Cabal and others They see life through Uribe’s eyes. No matter what he says, what explanation he has, what story he tells; Uribe is infallible for them, they celebrate and applaud everything, even when he makes a fool of himself, like that night.

It is to reproach the performance of Duke, for whom Uribe also is everything. Duke and several of his officials went out to interfere in the investigations of the Judiciary, which is not correct in a rule of law with independent powers, unless the Uribistas, in the best style of Louis XIV, intend to sell us the idea that “the power is Uribe ”and that’s why they put the fences“ Uribe is Colombia ”.

And to finish off this circus they were ahead of Halloween. A nun appeared in the Palace of Justice with a megaphone in her hand shouting incoherent things and out of place in favor of Uribe, as if she had been possessed not by God, but by Senator Carlos Felipe Mejía and his screams.

As if the above were not enough, that same night the CD turned the nun into the main animator of the reception to Uribe. When we saw her next to Paloma and the Cabal, we all believed that a new uribism precandidate had come to politics, since it had the merit of shouting the same as those. The candidacy did not last long, because the nun does not have the support of anyone, not even a religious congregation.

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