Latest Still the King in Mythical Scandinavia

In the world of Trump and Jonhson, Salvini and Orban, in which the politically correct lies comatose on canvas, in Canada it continues to reign supreme. Even in the mythical Scandinavia, extreme right-wing parties hostile to traditional political correctness have registered great electoral advances.

The politically correct, perhaps the nerdy son of liberal values, is that scenario in which the rights of religious, ethnic, sexual or other minorities are not questioned, there are untouchable revealed truths and social behavior must follow certain guidelines that sometimes seem force the individual to balance on a tightrope. Although in societies like the United States it is still very valid in academia and the media, in Washington it has been annihilated by Trump producing significant electoral revenues.

Canada re-elected Justin Trudeau in close elections, granting him a minority mandate. The campaign focused almost exclusively on the personality of party leaders, because in Canada social issues are resolved and pissed off. The free and universal health system is exemplary, public education from kindergarten to university is accessible to all and of the best quality, unemployment is minimal, impeccable public services. Simply put, the welfare state reloaded.

In the absence of topics for debate, the election campaign exploded when some photos of Trudeau disguised with a black face appeared at a Halloween party when he was a university student and a micro corruption scandal, which here would not wet the press, which almost cost him his choice .

The 2008 crisis did not pass through Canada, nor were there outrages in the streets, nor a banking crisis. The always present issue of the separatism of the French Quebec has lost strength due to the federal nature of the country in which the provinces hold enough power to adopt their own policies in the vast majority of issues.

The essence of the Canadian constitution is the multiculturalism faithful reflection of a society product of the emigration initially of Europe and in the last decades of the confines of the third world. The alternation between liberals and conservatives has been characteristic of their political system with a third leftist party that has never managed to reach the Olympus of power.

However, in the recent federal elections, a new political group a popular party emerged from the extreme right that questioned multiculturalism, open doors to refugees and emigrants and the fight against climate change and did not achieve a single seat. However, its mere presence demonstrates that there are underground currents that recent extreme liberalism and political correctness and in certain circumstances could arise.

In the face of the events that afflict our continent: destruction of public property as a manifestation of discontent, electoral fraud, drug traffickers who kneel to the State, Trump, Maduros, Diosdados and other demons, Canada is prickly of peace and tranquility, of boredom.

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