Doors Behind the Jaime Manzur Foundation

Among the chairs of the theater that lies behind the doors of the Jaime Manzur Foundation, surrounded by the many stories that have traveled that place, its founder was proudly telling us that the zarzuela would return to the Roberto Arias Pérez Colsubsidio Theater in Bogotá.

In front we had that scenario stopped in time, in which several of the Bogota theater groups had been born and where one of the most important puppet theaters in the country is still located.

Then, Manzur commented that November 2 would be that date when works such as The Legend of the Kiss and Anthology of the Zarzuela will return, after eight years of absence, to that theater located on 26th Street with 25. There, sitting in those chairs in front of a fantasy scene, Manzur looked in his natural habitat, to which he has always belonged.

From an early age the director was interested in lyric and art. It was a pleasure that came from his mother, which the writer defines as “multifaceted”, because he dominated and enjoyed all kinds of artistic expressions.

So much so that she had established a golden rule in her home: after lunch everyone had to choose a book and prepare to read. Little Manzur had no problem with that, because he saw on those shelves in his home all the possibilities of traveling through worlds still unknown to his curious eyes.

He also remembered that his mother had told him that the day he really learned to read, he would become a director. “Then, I stuck to read and read. We had in the library The Treasure of Youth , which were twenty volumes that had everything: geography, history, botany … I read through this to Shakespeare, Moliere, Calderón de la Barca, Lope de Vega and much more ” , commented Manzur.

Reading had been a constant in his life of changes. He, of a Colombian mother and Lebanese father, was born in what is now known as the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. His family had arrived there for fate.

A revolution, that of 36, retained his parents in that country, where Manzur lived his first years. Next, the changes came. The displacement to Spain, the return to Colombia and the multiple paths they had to travel opened horizons and led him to appreciate the best of the culture of those continents.

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