Aussies got their high-speed internet game on point recently this year, researchers at Australia’s Monash, RMIT & Swinburne universities have fruitfully tested and tracked Australia’s fastest and now even the world’s fasted internet data speed. All this from a single optical chip that is capable of downloading 1000s of high-quality movies in a fraction of seconds.

These findings have the capabilities to not just accelerate the next 25 years of the telecommunications capacity of Australia, But can also the possibility of this domestic tech to ascend throughout the globe, according to Nature Communications journal.

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As COVID-19 is leaving its mark on worlds internet infrastructure, a research team lead by Professor David Moss (Swinburne) & Bill Corcoran (Monash), Distinguished Professor Arnan Mitchell (RMIT) achieved a staggering data speed of 44.2 Terabits per second (Tbps) just from a single light source.

This tech alone has the power to carry the high-speed internet connections of 1.8 million houses in Melbourne, Australia altogether, and billions of others across the world during peak hours.


The majority of the time, demonstrations of these immensities are usually are conducted under a lab but this study used the existing communications infrastructure. By this, researchers were able to achieve these quick speeds and were also able to load-test the network.

A small new device known as a micro-comb which is smaller and lighter than the existing hardware was used that replaces 80 lasers, it was load-tested into the existing infrastructure. It is actually the first time a micro-comb has been used and produced staggering results.

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