Since the time the lockdown was reported, liquor utilization endured a big hit – thus stated incomes connected to liquor deal. The battle is genuine, as stores keep on remaining shut even today. For individuals desiring to consume liquor in the hours of novel coronavirus is also a need.

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Despite the fact that there are a few states where liquor is as yet being sold in stores, the long lines make it a significant dangerous undertaking.

Now it seems that this major problem will disappear soon as Amazon India are allowed to deliver liquor . 

This consent was allowed by West Bengal State Beverages Corp. Amazon has likewise been called to sign a memorandum of understanding with the territory of West Bengal, as per a notification.

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Amazon isn’t the one and only one In any case’s, astonishing that Amazon was not by any means the only one in the line to get this freedom. Online food supplies stage BigBasket was additionally one of the players who got the freedom to sell liquor in the state by e-business.