has its third CEO in a quarter of a year, following the promotion of Chief Product Officer Dennis Jarvis to the top employment.

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Founder of the crypto trade and news site, Roger Ver, uncovered the difference in initiative had come in the midst of “lagging moral” at the organisation in an internal memo to all employees on May 20.  

He said that previous COO Mate Tokay — appointed only two months back — would step down immediately and expressed gratitude toward him for his short time in charge. 

In April, Tokay was reported as ‘Chief’ as opposed to ‘acting CEO’. He’ll be remaining on as Ver’s ‘right hand man’. Before joining new CEO Jarvis worked at Apple and Rakuten.


An Unstable History

The organisation has now designated three new CEOs, since Roger Ver ventured down as CEO to become chairman in mid-2019. 

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Corporate Veteran Stefan Rust was the first to take over, anyway an ‘unexpected’ scale back in April this year saw Rust out followed by a supposed 60 different workers several weeks later.