Apple iPhone Xr
Photo credit: Apple

San Francisco: Omdia’s report on the smartphone model market tracker claimed that Apple’s iPhone XR 2019 dominated the global smartphone market.

Apple shipped an estimated 46.3 million iPhone XR devices in 2019, while iPhone 11, the new Apple Mid-Ranger, managed 37.3 million shipments in 2019.

“Apple has consistently held the first and second positions in the worldwide ranking of smartphone model shipments, and the company has held this dominant position for more than five years,” said Jusy Hong, smartphone research and analysis director at Omdia, in a statement.

“By limiting the number of models on offer compared to its top competitors, Apple was able to focus its sales on some smartphones that have a wide appeal, such as the iPhone XR,” added Hong.

While Apple took first and second place, Samsung rounded off the top 5 with the Galaxy A10, Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A20 and achieved deliveries of 30.3 million, 24.2 million and 23.1 million units, respectively.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max was the sixth most popular smartphone with 17.6 million shipments, followed by the iPhone 8 with 17.4 million.

A recent report from Counterpoint Research also found that the iPhone XR has helped Apple’s iPhone become the fastest growing premium smartphone brand in India in 2019.