Australians can store cash for a nearby Bitcoin exchange at the post office. Australians would now be able to pay for Bitcoin (BTC) at national post offices, on account of another coordinated effort.

As indicated by a June 24 declaration, customers of local cryptocurrency exchange will have the option to pay for Bitcoin at in excess of 3,500 Australian Post offices.

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The company’s CEO Holger Arians clarified that he accepts the new payment option will make a few people comfortable with purchasing crypto:

“For many people, paying for Bitcoin at an Australia Post office feels safer than transferring funds online — particularly for first-time buyers. We’re proud of this partnership and would like to thank Australia Post for their continued openness to new technologies.” customers were at that point ready to pay for Bitcoin at 1500 retail outlets in the Blueshyft payment network. Established by Synthetix’s Kain Warwick, Blueshyft likewise benefits various different exchanges.

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An expanding number of physical locations sell crypto

An expanding number of physical locations are currently offering the open door for buyers to get cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin automated teller machines as of late crossed the achievement of 8,000 units introduced around the world.

It has been announced that it is currently conceivable to purchase Bitcoin for money at in excess of 20,000 retail stores over the United States, including 7-Eleven, CVS and Rite Aid.

In September a year ago, each of the 7-Eleven stores over the Philippines likewise began selling crypto. Toward the start of 2019, various French tobacco shops did likewise.