Manu is like a monkey and if some like-minded people come into a house, Who will bring them together with a fondness runs with authority? Who is the new cheerleader in that house? King Nagarjuna. This time host Nagarjuna came to the Big Boss house and 15 people to deal with the big screen called ‘I am’ to deal with it.

Big Boss Season 3 begins today Big Boss with a lot of controversy, criticism, dharna, and arguments. A total of 15 celebrities will enter the Big House during this 100-day show. As usual, the show will be televised on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm and Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm.

Bigg Boss Season 3 Start Time in MAA TV

Bigg Boss, which has been entertaining the Bully screen audience for the past two seasons, is set to open on July 21 (Sunday). King Nagarjuna’s appearance as a host has created immense interest not only in the film industry but also in the silver screen.

The reality show will last for 100 days. A total of 15 celebrities will enter the Big House. As in the past, the Bigg Boss Season 3 Starts from Saturdays to Sundays at 9 pm and Monday to Friday from 9.30 pm ahead of the show Bigg Boss House left the 15 celebrities everywhere. Big Boss Season 2 Constant Nutan Naidu has released a video of celebrity celebrity wandering the Bigg Boss house.

There would be With King Nagarjuna as the host this season, everyone’s focus is on the show. Young Tiger NTR hosted Season 1 in the past. King Nagarjuna entered the field for the third season. Nagarjuna, who hosted Big Ratings as the host of ‘Who among you is a billionaire this time Big Boss ratings are jumping in ratings.

Along with the host, however, there was a growing interest in Big Boss Reality as the main contenders for the show. These 15 contenders who are in the Bigg Boss House have been hearing various names on social media.