Season 3 of highly controversial reality show Bigg Boss Telugu version has been kick started and yesterday the third episode came with an interesting twist. The nominated contestants of the house were given a chance by Bigg Boss to save nominated housemates. 

Hema as a Monitor

In the process of saving others, the nominated housemate had to give a reason to monitor other contestant Hema for a replacement. First came Rahul Spiligunj and he nominated Siva Jyothi but Hema was not convinced with the reason given by Rahul. So, she did not replace Rahul with another contestant.

Then came Varun Sandesh,  he nominated Punarnavi Bhupalam by giving the reason that she didn’t mingle with everyone easily and she is living in her own space. Varun’s reason was defended by Punarnavi but Hema went with Varun’s reason and saved Varun from the nomination. Later, Vithika Sheru nominated Ashu Reddy and she gave the reason that she can be a better performer. To this, Ashu said she is learning a lot of new things at the home and need time to cope with everything. Hema showed her support to Ashu Reddy and didn’t replace Vithika.

Himaja Emotional Drama

When Himaja was nominated by Sreemukhi, she countered back in an emotional manner with tears and tried to defend her. However, Hema agreed to Sreemukhi and saved her. Hema’s decision lightened up an argument between Sreemukhi, Hema and Himaja but in the end, Himaja welcomed Hema’s decision.

Then came Jaffar nominating Mahesh Vitta saying that he can be a better contestant. In his counter, Jaffar said that he is good for good and bad for bad. Hema showed her support to Mahesh and Jaffar stay nominated.

Final Nominations for 1st Week Elimanation

That’s how Rahul Sipligunj, Vithika Sheru, Jaffar, Hema, Himaja and Punarnavi Bhupalam got nominated for elimination in the first week.