More than one million wallets are holding over $10,000 worth of Bitcoin according to sources. Almost 1,108,666 addresses hold Bitcoins more than $10,000

Although this doesn’t mean that over one million addresses hold $10,000 worth of bitcoin, one individual can own multiple bitcoin addresses.

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Analytics agencies have also claimed that cryptocurrency whales are confident in their digital assets and in bitcoin in particular.

Nevertheless, Bitcoins Value has spiked up furiously during the last few days achieving a milestone never crossed.

The figures are also a representation of how the decentralized currency has been distributed among the different levels of wealth.

Estimated over 16 million or 48% of all wallets hold Bitcoins between 0 and 0.0001. Furthermore, 25% of Bitcoin holders have 8 million wallets in possession valued somewhere between 0.001 and 0.01 Bitcoin.

Even though being a majority Bitcoins high net worth investors also play a major role. Grayscale Investments has picked up over 40,000 Bitcoins that are worth over $600 million on behalf of its investors.

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Although Bitcoins boom has achieved milestones, still it has received some quiet jabs from one of its earliest supporters. Roger Ver also called “Bitcoin Jesus” has pointed out that people have defected from Bitcoins original purpose and have rather made it “digital gold”

Roger has commented on people considering it as an investment class asset rather than peer-to-peer cash as originally mentioned by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ver has been supporting Bitcoin cash as he believes that is what the world desperately needs.