Blockchain technology has again with its probability of wide variety of uses, emerged as a victor in the field of innovation and has again yielded its ability to provide a beneficial structure for the future.

This technology has come in use with a really innovative and superior way to combat the travel issues in the post pandemic era, providing a lucrative solution in the name of ICC AOKpass.

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How does the AOKpass app work with Blockchain features?

ICC AOKpass consists of tactical and compatible strategies that enables its user as well as the organisation deal with the travel equation in a COVID-19 affected pandemic with ease.

It utilises Blockchain technologies most apparent feature of decentralized access. Which means that your medical records cannot be shared or stored anywhere else, other than your own device.

Only you have the access and choice to show your details.It is a simple process of validating the authenticity of your digital signature which is verified by their scanning technology which does not require you to disclose your personal or medical information.

This privacy policy of the user’s information shares a close resemblance with decentralization and immutability features of block chain.

AOKpass App Pilot Test  

On 30 july 2020 , International SOS with an Energy Drilling Management company ran a successful pilot test on AOKpass app. PCR(polymerized chain reaction) swab test of 10 strong crew members were screened by verified doctors for the test.

The results were saved in the devices of the crew and sent to the client at Songkhla port in Thailand. This made a smooth entry possible for the crew members

Authorities were assured that the medical test results were from an accredited source, and are authenticated via the AOKpass app.

  • Ms Juliana Gim, Managing Director of International SOS Singapore, also believes that the pilot project is an exciting look at how travel can resume against the backdrop of COVID-19. “The successful pilot of ICC AOKpass with Energy Drilling is encouraging as it marks an important step in our journey and the aim of implementing a trusted and standardised global system to facilitate the return to work across many industries. In time, we hope that this will see widespread adoption to facilitate a fast, safe and secure return to work.”

Technical Aspects ,Functions And Uses Of AOKpass app

The AOKpass app works on a simple hashing algorithm, once when you’ve entered the medical information from an accredited source. Hashing algorithms like the SHA256, then encrypts your information which becomes unreadable by others.

Validity of your information is verified through  your unique code, shared with you and your medical practitioner.

The verifier verifies the digital signature or QR code for the results, through their scanning technology.

ICC AOKpass app has proven its efficient use of Blockchain technology and utilised its features, in the most creative and skillful manner.

The AOKpass app has not only highlighted the benefits of the blockchain technology but has also possibly, lighten the restriction on travel and return to work post COVID-19 era.

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As its features are still getting recognition worldwide ,they have given the option to run a pilot test in your organisation and can further, enhance local travel to shopping in malls with effective safety measures.