• Possible resistance at $10944.6
• Possible support at $10898.6
• This week’s highest: $10,928.82
• This weeks lowest: $10,528.89
• Last 1 months highest: $11,134.09
• Last 1 months lowest: $10,528.89

There is some resistance at $10944.6, next resistance sits at $10970.3 and strong support level at $10898.6 and thereafter at $10878.3

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If the resistance of $10970.3 is crossed, the price is likely to move towards the next strong resistance level at $10990.6. However, if Bitcoin fails to cross this resistance level, the price might move down towards the next support level at $10878.3. If support of $10878.3 is crossed, Bitcoin price may move down further to $10852.6 level.

Newsherder’s BTC/USD Daily Price & Forecast of October 8, 2020, reveals that downward movement from the current level is expected for Bitcoin’s current price with Bitcoin showing bearish signals. BTC price is expected to move down towards the next support level of $10898.6