• Possible resistance at $ 9212.3
  • Possible support at $ 9082.9
  • This week’s highest: $ 9,432.02
  • This weeks lowest: $ 8975.53
  • Last 1 months highest: $ 10,182.34
  • Last 1 months lowest: $ 8975.53

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There is some resistance around $9212.3 and the next resistance sits at $ 9274.1

There is no major resistance before $9212.3 and if it crosses resistance, $9274.1 will be the next strong resistance.

If resistance of $9212.3 is crossed, price is likely to move towards $9274.1 levels and further to target resistance level of $9341.7. However, if Bitcoin fails to cross this resistance level, the price might move down towards next support levels at $9082.9. If support of $ 9082.9 is crossed, Bitcoin price is likely to fall below to $9015.3 level.

Newsherder’s BTC/USD Daily Price & Forecast of July 1, 2020 reveals that neautral movement from current levels is expected for Bitcoin’s current price with BTC showing mixed signals. BTC is expected to move upwards towards $9178.7 and further to $9185.9 hourly resistance levels in next few hours and then may move downwards towards daily support level of $9082.9