• Possible resistance at $9400 – $9500
  • This week’s highest: $9,906.03
  • This weeks lowest: $9,260.69
  • Last 1 months highest: $9,996.74
  • Last 1 months lowest: $6,867.78

There is some resistance at $9425, even if this resistance gets through, next strong resistance sits at $9793. There is no significant resistance between $9425 & $9,793  So there is a higher chance of the graph going up. 

If the $9,793 resistance is crossed, this week’s highest $9,906.03 will be the next strong resistance. In the last 2 days, one attempt has been made to this level BTC fell significantly to its support levels near $9,298 as predicted in BTCUSD’s 20th May Analysis.

The resistance in $9,906.03 – $9,996.74 levels is the most tough resistance to get through at the moment. But if a graph is in uptrend and very near to hard resistance it can cross it and then grow to next final target levels of $10328.8.

Newsherder’s BTCUSD Daily Price & Forecast of May 21, 2020 reveals there will be an upward movement as there is no significant resistance before $9,793 levels. Jumping back to this level will enforce another attempt to cross the tough resistance level near the area of $9,906 – $​​9996.74, if crossed BTC will be pushed towards somewhere around $10,349.8. But if the $9,257 support is broken, next support sits at $9,013 after which BTC will be pulled back to below $9,000 somewhere around $8,722  acting as a strong support, however the chance of this downward movement is comparatively very less.


Bitcoin News

1. BTC Dropped 5% Today:

After a failed attempt to test the resistance near $9,900, BTC dropped 5% in the last 24 hours.


2. Bitcoin is About 90% Up During the Coronavirus Quarantine 

Bitcoin is up 90% since 16th March, around which many countries announced full or partial lockdowns. During the same mentioned period, the S&P 500 is up 24% and Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 22%.


3. 40 BTC Just Moved for the First Time Since 2009

WhaleAlert, a popular twitter account that tracks on-chain transactions, tweeted that 40 BTC were transferred from a “possible Satoshi owned wallet.” The account also mentioned that the coins in these transactions were mined in the first month of Bitcoin’s existence. Track the transaction here on the blockchain for yourself.