• Possible resistance at $9301
  • This week’s highest: $9,906.03
  • This weeks lowest: $8,869.93
  • Last 1 months highest: $9,996.74
  • Last 1 months lowest: $7,434.18

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There is some resistance at $9301. Even if $9301 resistance gets through, the next resistance sits at $9,440 & $9,623.

If the $9,623 resistance is crossed, this week’s highest $9,906.03 will be the next strong resistance. In the recent past, 4 attempts have been made to break this resistance following repeated rejections. 

As mentioned in BTC/USD’s 22nd May Analysis, the support at $8732 & $8405 levels is the most crucial at the moment, if broken then BTC’s price will be pushed back to under $8,000.

Newsherder’s BTCUSD Daily Price & Forecast of May 23, 2020 reveals there are some chances of upward movement if the current support levels are maintained, towards $9,440 – $9,623. If this resistance is broken, there will be another attempt to test $9,906. However the chance of such upward drastic movement is low. And if the support levels are not maintained and the $8,732 support is broken, next support sits at $8,405 after which BTC will be pulled back to below $8,000 somewhere around $7,990  acting as a strong support. Right now it is important for BTC to maintain above the next support levels to remain in an upward trend.

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Bitcoin News

1. We.Trade Blockchain Startup is now backed by IBM among 12 other Banks

IBM announced recently that the company would become the newest shareholder in We.Trade Blockchain Startup among 12 other banks


2. Blockchain Technology Set to be Adopted by 57% of Surveyed Companies

A Tokyo-based blockchain business consultancy firm, CryptoPie said in a report that it surveyed 125 Japanese companies between 8th March & 30th April this year, out of which 57% companies said they are adopting or are ready to adopt Blockchain Technology


3. You’re Now in the Top 0.5% if you own 10 BTC 

There are about 30 Million Bitcoin Addresses That Exist. People with 1 BTC are in Top 0.005% and people with 10 BTC are in Top 0.5%.