Tuesday, July 7, 2020

NewsHerder Partnered With Binance To Let You Buy Crypto Seamlessly

We are enabling our readers to buy more than 20 digital assets including BTC, BNB, Stable Coins, and other popular cryptocurrencies using their fiat. We currently support 30+ fiat currencies.

You can buy crypto through direct wallet purchases, or using you debit/ credit card.

This has been made possible because of the alliance between Binance & NewsHerder. Binance is the biggest exchange in the world by volume & liquidity, thus trusted worldwide.


Daily Coin Analysis

ETH/USD : Daily Price, Forecast 1st July 2020

  ETH/USD Possible resistance at $ 228.7 Possible support at $ 223.05 This week’s highest: $ 239.44 This weeks lowest: $ 219.47 Last 1 months...

BTC/USD : Daily Price, Forecast 1st July 2020

  BTC/USD Possible resistance at $ 9212.3 Possible support at $ 9082.9 This week’s highest: $ 9,432.02 This weeks lowest: $ 8975.53 Last 1 months...