According to ARD-Deutschland, a narrow majority of Germans understand that students skip school for the “Fridays for Future” demos. The respondents are not sure about the upload filter.

For weeks, young people all over the world have been taking to the streets instead of going to school under the motto “Fridays for Future” for more climate protection. This is accepted by a small majority of the population: more than one in two (55 percent) thinks it’s okay for students to skip school to take part in the demonstrations, while 42 percent disagree.

According to Germany Trend in the ARD Morgenmagazin, most of the Germans understand the supporters of the Greens, the Left Party and, to a lesser extent, the SPD. The greatest understanding of staying away from school is shared by younger citizens under the age of 35 (70 percent). The Union, FDP and AfD supporters, however, find the absence of students largely unacceptable.

In the ongoing EU negotiations on copyright, there is a lot of controversy over upload filters. Net activists fear that illegal, as well as legal content, could be blocked. However, the current debate has not helped many Germans to inform and educate about the topic: 44 percent of the respondents do not dare to judge on this issue.

Only 15 percent advocate the installation of filtering software on platforms such as YouTube. 39 percent of respondents say they are not in favor of upload filters. The rejection is significantly higher in younger people than in older people. Younger people also dare more often to be able to make a judgment on this issue.

If Sunday’s Bundestag election would be the Union of CDU and CSU to 29 percent of the vote. For the SPD, 18 percent of respondents would choose. The AfD would elect twelve percent of the citizens, the FDP nine percent, the Left Party eight percent and the Greens 19 percent. Overall, the coalition government of the Union and the SPD would come to 47 percent of the vote.

Compared to the GermanyTrend of 14 March 2019 SPD and FDP win one percentage point each. The AfD and the Left Party each lose one percentage point. The share of votes for the Union and the Greens remains unchanged.