US electric carmaker and Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has foreshadowed his entrance in Indian markets by Jan 2021.

Although, there is almost little to no detail about the business plan of Tesla.

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Elon Musk answered several twitter users hinting at the launch of Tesla in India by Jan 2021. 

The entrance of Tesla in the Indian market seems perfect as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is focusing on the use and manufacture of Electrical Vehicles.

The Indian Government has laid out an Electrical Vehicle Roadmap to make the country a hub of global manufacturers of EV’s.

Earlier in 2019, Elon was unsure about its stance on entering the Indian markets.

His 2019 tweet reads ”I am told duties are extremely high in India (up to 100%) even for electric cars. This would make our cars unaffordable.”

Not only this, but low electrical vehicle infrastructure and low per capita income also hindered the electric carmaker’s entrance.

Tesla Club India modeled on the tesla owners club has even started selling tesla’s merchandise online.

Although, they have claimed to put 100% profits on the installment of Electrical Vehicles charging infrastructure.

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The group aims to help inflict noble causes for pollution reduction and solar awareness. 

TCIN member Nikhil Chaudhary also wrote on the club’s website ” We are Not compensated to promote tesla and sustainable energy; we want to help India and the world. We will work for all environmental issues here,”