Earlier Bigg Boss had assigned a secret task to Rahul Sipligunj. A short clippings videos were released by the organizers of the Show. A lot of buzzes was doing rounds. Now since episode 10 has been aired, the audiences are cool to watch the drama of the house.

Cycling Task

The episode started with an introduction of tasks for the housemates. First of all Bigg Boss stopped the provisioning of water, gas, and electricity to the house. Besides, 3 cycles were kept within the play area for the housemates. The task was to perform cycling continuously throughout the day to get to the access of all the 3 provisions for the house. The housemates had to do cycling continuously and save the water, gas so that the electricity is generated uninterruptedly into the house. Quite interesting. The housemates somewhat got reluctant but later agreed on the task.

Siva Jyothi Upset with Sreemukhi

However, Siva Jyothi showed a bit apprehension in the beginning to perform the task but when Sreemukhi accepted that she would cycle the maximum amount of time and it’s doable. Sreemukhi reasoned that she wished to sleep throughout the night. Thus, the problem got sorted. Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru again transpired some issues within the house.  It started when Punarnavi Bhupalam asked Vithika to be a part of the task, Vithika didn’t take it well and Varun additionally interfered within the same. Vithika wished Varun to support her within the issue, and she cried on Varun’s non-supportive behavior. Finally, Tamannah was the one to become successful in disturbing the peace of the house. Also, Varun and Vithika didn’t shy away in taking their initial fight within the house.