• Possible resistance at $249.55
  • This week’s highest: $248.34
  • This week’s lowest: $236.33
  • Last 1 months highest: $361.4
  • Last 1 months lowest: $95.18

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There is some resistance around $249.55. The next resistance sits at $255.38 in the daily chart.

There is no major resistance before $249.55 and if it is cross resistance, $255.38 will be the next strong resistance.

If resistance of $249.55 is crossed, price is likely to move towards $255.38 levels and further to target resistance at $260.91. However, if Ethereum fails to cross the first resistance level, the price might settle around the next support levels at $238.19. If support of $238.19 is crossed, Ethereum price is likely to fall below to $232.66 level. 

Newsherder’s ETH/USD Daily Price & Forecast of June 10, 2020 reveals that downward movement from current levels is expected for Ethereum’s current price. If ETH fails to cross $249.55, the price will be pushed under $240 at around $238.19 support levels. But, If ETH is able to cross $249.55 levels, $255.38 will be the next level to watch for. However chances for upward movement is less.


Ethereum News 

1. $2.6 million mistake on Ethereum

An anonymous Ethereum blockchain user shocked the crypto community by paying $2.6 million transactions fees to send $130 to ETH, a fee of two million percent approximately. This looks like a mistake on someone’s end and the community is investigating the transaction.


2. Compliance service for Ethereum blockchain tokens

Codefi Compliance – launched by ConsenSys, is a new compliance service designed with the objective of helping exchanges and decentralised finance projects to analyse trading activities of tokens issues on the Ethereum blockchain, with automated service scanning blockchains for regulatory compliances and legal requirements.