A decentralized private network that may communicate anonymously should be utilized for so much more than just being able to send numeric values back and forth. A driving factor in Ghost’s mission is to provide a substantial value in unique external products & services. A network could only be as valuable as the utility it provides.

Ghost’s goal is not to simply create a brand new chat application, and forcing users to yet move to another platform, lose all their messages and lose all their contacts. This is not a practical solution and would be a major hurdle to overcome for adoption.

That is why they are planning to have full integration with the Telegram network as a hybrid solution. This will allow any user to login with their existing account, have access to the same groups, same contacts, and settings.

Ghost will be providing an additional functionality on top of their platform that would allow users on their application to access private chat, send/receive Ghost cryptocurrency, start private groups, as well as additional features to be announced. This app will be for iOS, Android, as well as desktop versions for PC, macOS, and Linux.

Future development plans and specific details for their encrypted mobile application, “Telaghost”, will be published in a separate document soon. This is a high priority item on Ghost’s roadmap.

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Media Contact

Name: Josh Case
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