Gaming Update May 2020 What happened in 2020 until now

2019 was a pretty good year for games, many games came to life last year like The Outer World, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Etc.

As we all knew, this year was going to be insane for video games, and many games got released this year like Nioh 2, Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Call of Duty: Warzone, Doom Eternal, Ori And The Wind Of The Wisp and what not.


The surrealness of Ori And The Wind Of The Wisp.

There is a much bigger emphasis on movement this time around and for good reasons,

The controls of Ori are so good that by the end of the game you would have unlocked so much stuff that you’ll be performing or pulling off moves never seen in a game like this before.

Mastering the controls and being able to string together the movement and combat system in a game like that is a different kind of feeling itself. It all boils down to this sense of freedom you know to explore and you navigate different paths your way instead of the usual way.

To be honest, in my opinion, the story isn’t that appealing and it barely exists in the first place and what’s there isn’t even that great but thinking the primary focus of Bluemoons in the game was to make you feel emotions and thanks to the animation, music and art direction, you are bound to get chills every time.


Doom Eternal (Literally)

Doom Eternal is currently one of the best first-person shooting games if not the best this year has to offer. I did not have this much fun personally taking lives in a video game since GoW. You are always moving, always shooting, always looking for ways to get an upper hand and always forced to think creatively when all different hordes of enemies come charging at you.

Doom series has always been loud, corny, at your type of game and this game is no exception and in most part even excels its previous titles. There is also a section in Doom Eternal where the player can play the first Doom game inside a computer. The music is insane, the sound is impeccable and art direction is legitimately absurd.


Half-Life: Alyx

I could undoubtedly say Half-Life: Alyx is also currently one of the best first-person VR shooting games if not the best this year has to offer. The bar for VR has been set and it has been set HIGH. It is amazing to see what a change in medium can do to help or hinder the experience. Valve has shown us that if you are careful with what just works and what doesn’t and you focus on how VR changes stuff and how to take advantage of VR being so different. It is like a refresh or new start of how we looked at the Half-Life series 13 years ago. The expectations were astronomical and kudos to the dev team, they lived up to that. This game is tense, tactile, it’s horrific as in terrifying. It takes everything that works about the Half-Life universe and drags it by its hair into the Source-2 engine and pumps a new life into the series in the only way VR could.