Photo credit: Gulfnews

Dubai: businessman G.B. Choithram Jethwani, chairman of the Geebee Group of Companies, an unwavering representative of the Indian community, died at the age of 90. The Indian businessman took his last breath in his apartment on Sunday, May 11, where he suffered a cardiac arrest.

as Gulfnews report, his younger brother Bhagwan Jethwani of VETCO International LLC, UK, as Choithram is popularly known, has died of a cardiac arrest.

“He was sitting in a chair. When he got up, he suffered a massive cardiac arrest and fell to the ground, ”said Bhagwan.

GB is survived by his sons Deepak Choithram Jethwani and Girish Choithram Jethwani, both of whom run his company as managing director. The late businessman also leaves four daughters.

The famous textile magnate in Dubai, Vasu Shroff, remembered the late businessman.

“He was a social person, always ready to meet friends. He was a philanthropist and worked a lot for the Indian community. He was the last of his generation to transform Dubai, ”said Shroff.

Foundation of a company in the 50s

GB founded its flagship Geebee Group in Dubai in 1950 with diversified interests in manufacturing, export and import, trade and distribution.

Family background

Jethwani said her family was originally an exporter of textiles to Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait that operated out of Karachi during the days before the partition . After the partition, the family business moved from GB 1947 to Mumbai. They opened their office in Mumbai and later opened an office in Dubai in 1954.