In Boden, Sweden, Genesis Mining, a world-wide known Bitcoin mining system, is working in partnership with many organizations to turn extra BTC mining energy into greenhouse power. The groups involved include the Research Institute of Sweden, Lulea Technical University, Systemair, and the local municipality.

A lot of energy does go into minting new coins and securing Bitcoin transactions during Bitcoin mining. Many businesses have made changes to accommodate that, as Genesis Mining did in December 2020 with this project. The collective group creates a system that would convert all the excess heat from mining to greenhouse power. So, they can recycle the extra energy.

Aim of the project 

Genesis Mining and its partners aim to help with the production of self-sufficient food. Hashpower For Science is the name of the philanthropic initiative that this project falls under. According to a RISE senior researcher, Mattias Vesterlund, 1MW of the datacenter heat would revitalize the local self-sufficiency to at least 8 percent. The custom-made storage containers for crypto mining would stay near the greenhouse, tethered with an air duct system. This is also custom-built by the team.

According to Andreas Johansson of Lulea Technical University, a 550 kW container can heat a 300 m2 greenhouse well in the cold Swedish climate. This is possible even when the temperature drops to -30℃. Plus, if the output of DC rises to 55℃, it can power a 900 m2 greenhouse. 

The members of the entire project have appeared on a webinar. And they have spoken about creating a hybrid greenhouse system using Bitcoin mining.

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Other trials

Many countries tried to see if they could utilize Bitcoin excess heat into renewable energy sources. In 2018, a firm called Qarnot in France created a home heater that used the heat from the crypto mining assets to heat one room. They named it Crypto-Heater or QC-1. Others have tried similar tactics for powering distilleries and other such systems.

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