A Facebook video is were two girls beating a boy goes viral after the boy ask’s the contact number of a girl, Nobody knows the source of this video or were it came from but it’s clear that video is being watched by Millions Of Facebook.

The Video is being shared by Dozens Of Facebook pages where the video went viral but no one knows the actual reason and the cause for this incident. But it’s being clear that video is reached millions of the facebook users and as well as video goes viral in WhatsApp as Well.

The Internet is being divided into Two Parts One agrees that girls have done great job by beating the boy and the other side they totally disagree this action done by the girls.

Here are the Some Opinions Of the People:-

Sachin Parmar says: Newton’s third law every action is equal & opposite reaction..so be prepared for that…

Sourav Pal Says: I thought if this guy is not be color people & also be a Rich person then we are see that type of activities done by these girls….And they are ya simply rejected another wise they are date with this guy

Vicky Das says: That’s not fair everyone has equal right…. You should not hit a boy like this…. If a boy hit a girl then girl will be playing women…. So you also don’t have the right to hit a boy

Mudit Vashisth Says Should have called the police… Beating mercilessly is not in law.

The Internet is being divided into two parts one who agree what the girls have done is right and other who totally disagree with the action, But it’s clear that majority people say girl’s would have approached legal authorities and filed a compliant rather then hitting the boy.