The coin was developed for holders that want the possibility of using the currency for payments and have in mind the privacy. Gleec Coin was considered in 2019 as one of the best IEO of the year by eliminating middlemen and protecting user data. 

Now the currency is on a constant expansion. The coin has been increasing its exchanges partnerships in the last few months and is now listed on more than 18 exchanges, with more being added to the list weekly. New additions to the catalog of where GLEEC can be traded is an effort to achieve the planned goal of being listed on various leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, in order to offer more options and possibilities to Gleec Coin holders.

The expansion also comes for the structure and usability of the coin. This year, GLEEC released two highly anticipated apps, Gleec ATM, an innovative virtual BTC atm, and Gleec Pay, an app that allows merchants to accept Gleec Coin and other cryptocurrencies as payments. Gleec, in accordance with the company’s roadmap, is building an ecosystem that promotes the adoption of the coin. 


Gleec Ecosystem 

Unlike many blockchain projects that only exist on paper, the Gleec Coin structure has been active for some time, offering services and products in several business lines followed by Gleec Holding

Gleec ecosystem products, service providers, and apps are transparent but independent from each other, they all have interrelationships as a community of interacting products and are allied more in the usability than in the structure. Telecommunications, technology development, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency trading, all of them allied to some level and transparent to each other, creating a stable ecosystem.

Right now they have 6 working products and 1 in development. Gleec Chat, Gleec BTC, Gleec Wallet, Gleec LAB, Gleec Pay, and Gleec ATM are completed and already in the working phase. Gleec Market, our crypto-friendly marketplace is still being developed by Gleec LAB. The intention is to create an ecosystem as practical, useful, and transparent as possible. 


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