Let’s face it, COVID-19 showed how reality can be altered in such a different way. Whether it is the usual cooking video, daily classes the students attend, or graduation ceremonies through a camera, all these different things combined are kinda like a frenzy.

There are many platforms available to us to choose from but some of them are not very familiar to us. Like for example, Skype is there but it is not that relevant like many users prefer, there is also Zoom, but it has its own plethora of security concerns. There is also another major platform that you might have heard which is the Google Hangouts Meet now known as Google Meet, this actually wasn’t the case before the pandemic, it was a corporate video conferencing tool which came as a bundle with Google’s paid suite software that companies used.

The good thing is, now, anyone can use it,

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Whether you like having a video chat on the go like on your smartphone or in the home while working on a desktop/laptop Google Meet got your back. It is available on both the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices, It also comes as a web app for desktop users. Till September 30 the premium service is actually available for free for everyone which basically a few perks like adding more users and recording calls. After September 30 it will cost $6 a month.

To start with it right away, If you have a Gmail account then you are actually quite set. Simply go to Meet.google.com or just click on “Start a Meeting” or enter a Meeting ID if you have installed the app or on the website. There is also another way to have or start a Meeting on PC. Simply go to Gmail and on the left-hand side, you’ll find a Meet section where there are options to start or join a meeting.

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Regarding safety and privacy concerns, Google Meet’s support page tells that all the meetings by default are encrypted in the web app for both iOS and Android. Google states that meet sticks with the same data protection and privacy commitments as the rest of Google Cloud’s enterprise services. This means Google doesn’t use your data for advertising nor does it sell it to third parties, your data is only yours.