Google Photos is presently allowing users pinch to zoom in on videos or double tap to zoom in or out. The feature is by all accounts turning out as a worker side switch. As per users, the application version isn’t a factor. In any case, we could utilize the component exclusively in the wake of refreshing to the most recent version of Google Photos on Android, rendition 5.28.0. On twofold tapping, the video fills the screen. The pinch to zoom in and doubletap tap to zoom in or out component will make it simpler for Google Photos users to take a gander at details in a video.

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The new element on Google Photos has begun turning out for certain users. The feature is accessible for us on the most recent Google Photos v5.28.0 on Android. To look at on the off chance that it has moved for you, you can try updating to the most recent Google Photos release and checking on the off chance that it works. Users on Reddit have likewise announced spotting it.
Double tapping a video on Google Photos or pinching makes the video zoom in, taking the whole screen.

Since the component is by all accounts a worker side update, it is conceivable that Google might be turning it out in clusters. It doesn’t appear to be accessible on iOS at the present time, yet we prescribe you update to the most recent version of the application and sit tight for the worker side update to be accessible for you.

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Google has turned out number of highlights for maps in the course of the most recent couple of months. Realistic photographs, another component that was turned out as of late, makes a 3D-like impact for a portion of your pictures. Google utilizes AI to anticipate a picture’s profundity and produce a 3D portrayal of the scene. Another Maps timetable feature on Google Photos, then, shows the photos of your outings on the routes you’ve taken.