Before starting this let’s clear some basic fundamentals: What is Hinduphobia? What does the LGBTQ plus community stand for? 

Hindu phobia is an anti-Hindu sentiment that has a negative perception, sentiment, or actions against the practitioners of Hinduism.

And, LGBTQ plus community stands for all the other genders like lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgenders, queers, and many more.

Now when that is clear we have the bigger question to deal with, is Hinduphobia being aroused and approved in the LGBTQ community?

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For this, we have to go back to the time when a five-judge constitution bench passed judgment regarding homosexuality. The bench decriminalized homosexuality by partially striking down the “colonial-era provisions” of section 377.

A “Queer pride parade” was organized on Nov 25th, 2018, just after the verdict. Interestingly we came across some hate-mongering placards against Hinduism as well.

From quotes targeting the ruling party (BJP) to quotes that blatantly resent the Hindu religion. This is observed clearly in quotes like “Mandir raj nahin chalega, is baar hogi Pyaar ki jeet” and “smash Brahmanical patriarchy”   

This lead to an avalanche effect and the Hindu hate increased tenfold over the years. Members of the LGBT community completely bash the religion and its practitioners. Some even hamper with historical folklores and texts blatantly which tends to be disrespectful to people of Hindu faith.

The Parasites Of LGBTQ+ Community

Being categorized as a homophobic person is an easy job these days. Particularly if you are Hindu and have recently commented or criticized the LGBTQ community. It has become an upcoming trend.

Due to this high sensitivity and constantly playing the victim card by some elements, the LGBTQ community of India now bears parasites in itself.

Who are these parasites? These parasites are people who have hijacked the noble cause of the LGBTQ community that spreads awareness and humanizes the ideology of a third gender.

The parasites in contrast have just boarded the LGBTQ train to propose their interests or political agendas. This completely wards off the real motives of the movement.

These people have even successfully misguided and manipulated some sections of the youth luring them in for hate-mongering over Hinduism.

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Instead of helping in normalizing the acceptance of sexuality in the lower section of the society, they rather choose to rant on about the Hindu religion. Politicizing their every move, spreading propaganda, or an agenda against Hinduism. This serves their own purposes after garnering attention from the masses on social media.

Hinduism Normalizes The Third Gender

Well it might come as a surprise but Hinduism is the only religion which has a history of acceptance and welcoming attitude towards people of the other genders

There are various instances in Hindu folklores where gods have converted themselves into the opposite gender.

The Khajuraho temples depict intersex images on the wall. They vary from men copulating to an orgiastic group of females engaging in sexual intercourse.

The Hindu epic Mahabharata also narrates the hero Arjuna taking a vow to live as a member of the third gender for a year to honor a curse.

Another character known as Shikhandi, born as a woman but raised as a man. She is further seen marrying a woman and becomes the reason for the death of the warrior Bhishma.

There are many more texts and folklores that have shown the acceptance of the third gender more than any other religion.

The homophobic sentiments that have continued out in this day and age are a result of the lawful abolitions of intersex marriage and engagement in sexual activities among the same sex in the colonial era.

LGBTQ+ Community Used As  Scapegoat For Hurtful Hinduphobic Sentiments

Hinduphobia has not only hijacked the LGBTQ community. It is a bigger political play and uses the community as a scapegoat.

People misuse the minority card of the LGBTQ community, and the oppression they face to instill anti-Hindu sentiments. This creates chaos, disparity, and disharmony among both the communities to gain a political edge.

This also dilutes the real motive of any community and causes unrest. The motive loses its place somewhere in-between the chaos. 

Members of any community should stay aware of such fraudulent parasites as they bear nothing but harm towards society.

This also comes as a lesson for the youth of this generation that is always eager to hold up a political opinion. You can always be a part of someone’s bigger plan, be it beneficial or harmful to society. Still forming a political opinion should always be followed by researching thoroughly and vigorously with as much empirical data as possible.

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In the end, it simply boils down to two main factors: what’s right? and what’s wrong? For the larger good.