Horizon Blockchain Games produces games on the blockchain as well as tools to help others do the same. The company announced today that it has raised another $4.5 million, bringing its total raised to a little over $13 million.  The Toronto-based Horizon Blockchain Games views itself as both a game company and a Web3 (the blockchain web) wallet and platform for blockchain technology.

Horizon’s first game is Skyweaver, a competitive digital trading card game that taps the blockchain to give players more realistic ownership of their virtual cards. Once earned through competition with other players, cards can be sold, traded or taken out of the system and put in storage.


The Horizon team often mentions being built to support “Web3” a term I’ve been hearing more and more lately. In short (or, at least, as best I understand it), Web3 is a category of online-but-decentralized apps, services and games built around the blockchain (Ethereum, in this case) to give individual users more control of their data. The combined tech makes it easy for devs to build applications for Ethereum on the Sequence developer platform. The game itself runs on the Polygon network, which sits atop Ethereum and enables the company to avoid “gas fees,” or costs associated with using computing power related to the Ethereum blockchain.

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The company has held more than 10 community-run tournaments, the majority of which have had third-party cash or crypto prize sponsors. It has a community-run league called Skyweaver Leagues with regular events and reports, and it has done no paid advertising in the past year. The company has 27 employees and it has raised $13.3 million to date. Sanders said the current users are valuable in the sense that they’re growing the community, but Horizon hasn’t actually turned the live economy in the game yet. So the company isn’t yet monetizing, and it continues to test the game, which has more than 500 unique cards.

A beta version of the game will eventually be made available, Sanders said. The NFT cards are something that players can earn, and they don’t give players a gameplay advantage over other players. Rather, they’re prestige cards, Sanders said