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In February 2020, Dr. Hamed Al Suwaidi, chairman and founder of the Abu Dhabi Art Society (ADAS), patron and sponsor of great historical works of art in Hanover. Today he sponsors the copperplate prints of the general view of Hanover, a copperplate artwork that shows a detailed view of the city of Hanover in 1729. This artwork can now be seen in the Museum Schloss Herrenhausen. This palace was the summer residence of the royal family of Hanover. This magnificent palace was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War and reopened in 2013. It was rebuilt in its original location and offers modern amenities with original plans.

Dr. Al Suwaidi was particularly interested in historical art from the Saxon city of Hanover. Hanover was founded in the Middle Ages and is developing into one of the leading industrial cities in Germany. The company specializes in world fairs, beautiful gardens and fabulously restored architecture. Hanover is currently expanding its art scene and renovating some of its most beautiful museums and oldest buildings.

He said, “I saw the opportunity to support this effort and began building cultural bridges for an enriching exchange between ADAS and some of the museums and original historical structures of this ancient city, which is surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

His other patronage is in the oldest part of the city. The Begin Tower is one of the oldest intact buildings in the city and was first mentioned around the 14th century. It is part of the original city wall. It was ingeniously connected to the building from the 1960s in which the Historical Museum was located. The steps of this medieval tower are now generously supported by its sponsors.

The managing director of the Friends of the Historisches Museen e.V., Ms. Barbara Koch, said that she was very pleased and grateful for the call from Dr. Al Suwaidi and for his support. She said: “We are pleased that you have become aware of the association. On behalf of the association, I would like to thank Dr. Hamed Al Suwaidi.”

Mr. Frank Scherrer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Historical Museums in Hanover, and Professor Thomas Schark, Director of the Museums for Cultural History in Hanover, thanked Dr. Al Suwaidi also for his support and sponsorship of these exquisite historical pieces from Hanover.

Dr. Hamed Bin Mohammed Khalifa Al Suwaidi

Dr. Hamed Al Suwaidi, chairman and founder of the Abu Dhabi Art Society
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Dr. Al Suwaidi

Dr. Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, into a significant, cultural and art-oriented Emirati family with a profound influence on the development and growth of the country. With strong family roots in trade, business and government policy, Dr. Al Suwaidi continues to expand the family brand with cross-border connections, particularly between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Al Suwaidi holds a BSc in International Business and Finance from Regents University in London with a Dual Degree (BBA) in International Business and a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration. He also holds an MSc in Strategic Business from the University of Portsmouth, UK, and a PhD in Economics and Finance from the University of Portsmouth.

Dr. Al Suwaidi started his career at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) in 2004, where he served as Executive Director of Golf and international and deputy regional CEO for Golf and Africa for 14 years. He then served as regional CEO for the Middle East and Africa until September 2017, where he contributed to the merger and integration of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Gulf Bank into First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), which has become the largest bank in the Middle East and North Africa.

In addition to his success in the banking industry, Dr. Al Suwaidi had his vision for his life’s work and began to manage a portfolio for property management of real estate and financial investments in addition to the household business.

In 2010 he was appointed Vice Chairman and CEO of the Bin Yousef Group, which was run by his father H.E. Mohamed Khalifa Bin Yousef Al Suwaidi, a holding group that operates in various sectors, including financial investments, wealth management, real estate, shipping, travel and entertainment. Dr. Al Suwaidi is currently Chairman of AES Limited Abu Dhabi – a UK-based company that focuses on commerce, education and the arts. Dr. Al Suwaidi is also the Executive Director of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Five Island Capital LLC.

He then founded and headed Portsmouth Limited Abu Dhabi with a presence in the UK in 2014. Portsmouth Limited Abu Dhabi is a general trading company that promotes local and foreign investors. The foundation of Portsmouth was born out of the strong international professional network of Dr. Al Suwaidi in various industries and markets as well as potential negotiating and international relationship skills.

Dr. Al Suwaidi has also been instrumental in strengthening the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates and is one of the first founders of the United Arab Emirates Cultural Year, which was announced in November 2016 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Crown Prince and Deputy Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates and HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales – Patron of Great Britain – Cultural Year of the United Arab Emirates. He led several delegations representing the United Arab Emirates to strengthen economic ties and explore potential opportunities for investments and developments in the Emirates.